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Yoga is an internal art that draws you to your centre – your “home”.

Home is a place where challenges are met with compassion. It’s where you can be yourself, steady and at ease. It’s a safe and nourishing place, providing a foundation from which you can flourish.

This “home” is always with you, deep in your heart. A balanced yoga practice helps you to cultivate these qualities. I’ve always appreciated how hatha yoga comprises practices of a physical, mental and spiritual nature, in an unimposed way.

The process is to know yourself through objective observation; to uncover your physical and mental patterns and learn to let go. The result is that your scattered energy becomes centralised.

Pam Butler sitting



I love introducing people to yoga, and helping people progress with their practice. Classes are the way to start, and workshops go a bit deeper. Sometimes a private lesson is the best way forward.

“Pam is a wonderful highly experienced teacher. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and has undertaken many years of study. I have attended workshops with her in person. Since Covid I have attended regular Zoom classes with Pam.”

I just wanted to say thank you again for a lovely weekend. I feel so rested! I really enjoyed Pam’s classes. The food was delicious. I will be back again at some point!


To to maintain a regular practice, learn sequences and postures, and support you in beginning a home practice.


To delve a little deeper and complement the classes.


Circumstances may mean that a private session to explore your needs is the best approach.

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