Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy – for clients

I am honored to be invited to lead wellness events, retreats, talks, and workshops. Occasionally these gatherings do not go ahead. This cancellation policy is made in good faith and with the intention of upholding the integrity and best practices from a business perspective.

Cancellations made 4 – 6 weeks ahead of the event – 25% charge

Cancellations made 1 – 3 weeks prior to the event – 50% charge

Cancellations between 3 and 7 days – 75% charge

Cancellations made within 3 days of event – 100% charge

Postponements – normally a postponement will be treated as a cancellation and are subject to the same policy as a cancellation.

Cancellation policy – for students

Weekly class dates are announced at the booking stage. At least two tiers of booking are usually offered (for example, drop in rates and full term rates). Term rates are excellent value so that a student who commits to a term will still receive better value even if a class is missed.

Personal holidays or days missed for other reasons during a term are the student’s responsibility. In the interest of fairness, the fees stated on the website apply to all.

Extraordinary situations, such as injury or illness that precludes a student finishing a term, are handled case by case. Please contact Pam.

This policy is subject to change without notice.