Learn yoga at Home

The most important yoga practice is the one you do on your own. But how do you get started?

The most important thing to do is stand on your mat. That’s all, because once you’re there, the biggest hurdle is overcome.
Time is precious, and a short practice is definitely the best place to start. 10 minutes or less is enough to begin to make time for your practice. If you aim for more, too many distractions will arise before you “find” that half hour to practice. Think of your practice as a seed, and standing on the mat is the water it needs.

The practice will grow naturally. You will remember more poses, your interest will deepen, your stamina will improve.
The resources that I offer below can give you a much needed spark, to remind you of poses, prompt sequences, or guide you through a warm-up or flow. But a technology-free quiet few minutes on your mat by yourself can be richer than any prompts that you’ll find online.

Tips for
at home…

  • The frame of mind: Attentive, observant, non-judgmental.
  • The body: Comfortable; empty stomach; in non-restrictive clothing.
  • The space: Warm, quiet, clean. Add a candle if it motivates or sets the tone for your practice. A mat provides traction and a habitual place to practice, but is not necessary.
  • The practice: Do what you remember. Don’t look for external information. Focus on your breath, move through the sequences or poses you remember. You can review things briefly later, or your next class will fill in the gaps.



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