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In 2014 Pam was awarded an MBA in Professional Arts Management. Her thesis was entitled "Yoga in Ireland: Strategic Marketing Approaches".

The research compares the Irish to the American, UK and Australian market profiles and provides qualitative information on Irish yoga practitioners. Eight full interviews were conducted to explore themes including motivation, benefits, money and the business of yoga, and teacher training and regulation. The quantitative information is based on an online survey that received over 300 respondents in a snowball sample. Some salient points are laid out in an article that appeared in Yoga Therapy Ireland's Spring 2015 edition. Click here for the article.

Please feel free to download a partial copy of the thesis here, free. The full copy is available through our online shop here, for €23.

A hard-bound copy with gold-embossed title costs €48 +pp.

This is an acadmic research paper, so the structure, style and layout reflect academic requirements.

Please take the time to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for permission before re-printing or electronically re-producing any part of this paper. The author holds copyright.




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