Welcome to this new meditation audio series by Pam Butler.

This is a program designed for people who want to learn to control their responses to daily stressors but who have little time to dedicate to a meditation program.

Three minutes a day will allow you to:

  • learn how to take a conscious breath

  • feel the difference in yourself before and after the three minutes

  • change the rhythm of your mental activity

  • re-set your emotions

  • improve your focus

  • become responsive rather than reactive.

Three minutes a day builds your brain’s familiarity with the activity of regulating your breathing; and as this becomes more familiar, it will be more and more available to you in moments of stress. The familiar action of taking a deep breath, linked to the familiar and positive feeling of being more in control of your self, more objective and more able to think instead of becoming emotional, means ou will have establishes a new behavioural pattern.

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